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New WizKid distributors

The Antibacterial Urinal Mat

WizKid is the antibacterial polypropylene mat that keeps urinal bathrooms clean, without the unpleasant smell of urine and floor damage. It is one of the urinal accessories your restroom should have.

  • The antimicrobial fabric from the urinal mat neutralizes the smell of urine leaving the restroom clean, fresh and odor free.
  • The antimicrobial fabric from the urinal mat disinfects. WizKid is an antibacterial mat, made from polypropylene that inhibits the formation of urine bacteria.
  • WizKid lasts up to 6 weeks.
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This is one of the essential urinal accessories, made of an antibacterial polypropylene material. The WizKid has some great features that makes it unlike any mat on the market. Get it NOW!