Our Story

WizKid antimicrobial mat

The creation of WizKid - the toilet sanitation solution

In 1996, Dean Stickler, a noted scientist, designed WizKid, an antimicrobial absorbent mat that sits under the urinal to collect and disinfect the inevitable drip of urine on the bathroom floor. It is used to maintain a good public toilet sanitation. Improve your bathroom health by keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic with WizKid, the antimicrobial urinal mat.

A unique product for an age-old problem, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office awarded him with a patent for this much needed and welcomed product.

Out of this grew Sanastar, a company committed to bathroom health and sanitation. With this toilet sanitation products, never again should any man have to stand in urine - in corporate settings, retail stores, restaurants, airports, stadiums or anyplace where urinals are present. Public bathrooms are the visit card of any company, so take care of the image you are projecting.

WizKid is antimicrobial absorbent mat, the backing is rubber, the basic color is charcoal gray and it is manufactured here in the United States. It shouldn't miss from any public restroom.

We are optimistic about the future of WizKid. Inevitably, urine will continue to fall on the floor leaving its destructive trail and foul odor. It is a global problem and WizKid is a global answer for all public bathrooms. Once WizKid is established in public restrooms, it is going to be difficult to imagine there not being one under every urinal.

Just as automatic flushes and faucets are becoming a standard, so will the urinal mat in a public restroom. So get rid of your urine problems. Bathroom health and toilet sanitation are not anymore your problem.

WizKid is that solution!