Helping the Green Movement

Wizkid and future recycled material

It is true that the WizKid is not a green mat. Our desire in the near future is to present a mat of recycled material and use green material. When those green material ingredients in the manufacturing of antimicrobial mats become available we will help green, switch to them and support green movement.

However, even though the WizKid is not a green mat we do contribute to the green movement. With the WizKid we help green because there is far less need for other non green material in restroom cleaning and floor protection. The WizKid is not a recycled material mat due to specific non green material composition that can capture urine helping a lot restroom cleaning leaving less area to be treated with chemical or toxic solutions that do not support green movement. When the recycled material technology will allow, we will have a green mat Also, with the WizKid non green mat the need for frequent stripping of the tile, linoleum and marble is reduced greatly due to the floor protection that the WizKid provides in restroom cleaning.