How long does the WizKid last?

How long does WizKid offer floor protection?

Due to the actions and frequency of the customers a used mat needs to be change for constant floor protection. For the carpet removal we are providing this simple chart based on cleaning routine and field experiences involving floor protection. Some have found the air drying WizKid mat to work well for up to a month achieving best floor protection while others have decided to change the air drying is a used mat more than once a week since they need floor protection in extremely high volume of attendees restrooms.

It is our recommendation that during cleaning routine you observe the air drying WizKid mat and when an odor begins to ask for carpet removal then you know that the WizKid has become an used mat and there is need for moping. High traffic restrooms will need changing more often and slower more conservative restrooms will need less changing of air drying WizKids mat. The key to maintaining floor protection and the restroom continually smelling fresh is consistency in the cleaning routine. Keep a scheduled moping and cleaning routine, change every used mat and a clean restroom will naturally follow.