WizKid - the mat that leaves your restroom odor free and germ free

By Perry J. Littrell
Associate Editor

U.S. patened WizKid

For the past eight years, inventor Dean Stickler waited on a U.S. patent for a revolutionary urinal mat design before expending resources to manufacture the product. Even as imitators and competitors sprung up, Sanastar, Inc. President Jeff Crevier also remained patient. The result is that the Wizkid™, the only mat with a U.S. patent.

The U.S. patent is not the only element of the Wizkid™ that sets it apart from similar products. The urinal mat design has also a number of unique features like urine smell removal and an antimicrobial solution, consequently it keeps the restroom odor free and germ free.

“You don't stand on the urinal mat. Its patented truncated design fits neatly underneath a urinal. This allows a restroom user to stand without worrying about stepping in waste.”

Crevier said it is the only antimicrobial product on the market that has this mat design. It keeps waste from pooling on a restroom floor and helps prevent additional mess.

WizKid - made from polypropylene

We manufactured the product from a sturdy polypropylene material, proven ideal for this application. The polypropylene material is also treated with a powerful antimicrobial solution during its manufacture, to help making the environment odor free and germ free by disinfecting and fighting odor.

Crevier said. “The Wizkid™ not only traps waste, and dries it quickly, but the special antimicrobial coating on the non-woven polypropylene material disinfects and eliminates the odor. This result is a germ free and odor free environment.”

Crevier said the durable and relatively inexpensive polypropylene material used to make the urinal mat is well designed for the application.

“A lot of other mat designs use plastic, but the polypropylene material that we use, lasts as long and is less expensive,” Crevier said. “It has incredible profit margin potential. It is an entirely new product made of polypropylene, so it's a new source of income for distributors.”

WizKid in public bathrooms and WizKid distributors

Crevier said demand for his mat design is growing.

“We have schools, office buildings, restaurants, and even airports ready to buy our urinal mats. It is a safe product, it keeps the restroom odor free and germ free. We need the distributors to move the product for us, so we can focus on producing it.”

Currently, the Wizkid™ is only being sold for urinals. It is a good antimicrobial solution. Crevier said that by the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® convention, however, the company will manufacture a product that is a variation of its patented mat design, one created to fit the base of a toilet.

“We are going to manufacture the product and deliver it before the ISSA convention. However, we have used a lot of resources and done a lot of groundwork to make sure that we can publicly debut the product,” Crevier said. “We are going to have the urinal mat at our booth # 3667 during the show, on display for potential distributors.”

Crevier said that the benefits of the product will drive demand.

“The Wizkid™ keeps public restrooms cleaner and reduces odor. It really cuts maintenance time in a restroom, reducing the amount of mopping that has to be done in difficult-to-reach and unpleasant areas. It is easy to install and even easier to remove. Plus, it is long-lasting.”

It is specially designed to stay in place and remain inconspicuous.

“We will sell different colored urinal mats to match a wide variety of colors and patterns, especially marble, so it won’t slide out of position,” Crevier said. “Its shape is specifically designed to stay out of the way of the patron, but catch any spills that may occur.”

Contact: Wizkid™ Mat, Sanastar, Inc., 2021 NE 59th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308. Phone: (954) 323-2485.
Web site: www.wizkidmat.com.