WizKid inhibits cross contamination

WizKid neutralizes urine bacteria

The first step in stopping the spread of urine bacteria is to understand where it starts. WizKid's team knows that humidity and higher temperatures are starting points for cross contamination, growth of urine bacteria and bacteria diseases. Since we do not have the ability to see cross contamination starting, nor incipient bacteria diseases, is advisable to address the source and counteract the urine bacteria growth and spread.

Urine bacteria grow by feeding on acidic urine. The more acid urine is present the more urine bacteria grows and chances for bacteria diseases are rising. As bacteria grow so does the likelihood of cross contamination and the bacteria in urine spread.

When acid urine is on the floor it usually ends walked throughout the facility. When trapped into carpet the urine bacteria are able to feed on the alkaline salts that are left by the presence of acid urine. This will continue until the bacteria in urine are neutralized.

WizKid is great at stopping the cross contamination dilemma. As the urine puddle is contained people can't avoid stepping in urine. Secondly, the antimicrobial that is embedded into the fibers of the WizKid neutralizes the urine bacteria and its food source. This stops the development of bacteria in urine and bacteria diseases that would accompany it. As a result you have an acid urine free area without bacteria in urine contamination and better smelling restroom.